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Holidays in Greece

Why Holidays in Greece

Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again. Walk through the olive groves, through archaeological sites; move to clusters of islands, pictures beaches and mountains and explore the breathtaking scenery.
The islands are the main characteristic of Greece’s morphology and an integral part of the country’s culture and tradition. Greek sovereign land includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 islands are inhabited.
The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy long stretches of golden sand beaches with dunes, as well as sheltered bays and coves, pebble beaches, coastal caves with steep rocks and dark sand typical of volcanic soil.

Whichever Greek attractions you are looking forward to discovering on your holiday, our travel experts are on hand to create your dream holiday.

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall. Due to the country's geographical position, its rugged relief and its distribution between the mainland and the sea, there is great variation in Greece's climate. In summer, the dry hot days are cooled by seasonal winds called the meltemi, while mountainous regions have generally lower temperatures. The winters are mild in lowland areas, with a minimum amount of snow and ice, yet, mountains are usually snow-covered.

Greece has 15 international airports located both on the mainland and on some of the Greek islands. There are many flight links between the International airports and Greek airports.

The popularity of Greece honeymoons has its reasons in the variety of romantic destinations found all over the Aegean Sea and Ionian Sea. Blue skies and deep blue sea shining in the sun, white washed houses and exotic sandy beaches with crystalline waters create the most perfect scenery for this special vacation.
Greek beaches are at their very best in September, especially the first 2 weeks, when water is warm, crowds are down and full services are still in operation.
The Greek beaches range from pebbles to fine sand so beach shoes can be useful.

The Mediterranean is not truly comparable with the Caribbean or Pacific - the water is cooler and the sand generally coarser. Shady tree fringes are also rare, though hot sunshine, good food, clear water and friendly English-speaking locals are almost guarenteed in Greece. Low prices, apart from ferries, are no longer with us thanks to the Euro and current sophistication of Greek society.

 Why you should you choose to visit Greece , now more than ever
Quotes by Heinrich Hall on Mar 3, 2012
At this time of need, travellers should e encouraged to come to Greece if they are so inclined – the fact that the country’s economic crisis may deter visitors is downright tragic, as their business is needed and heartily welcome, and as the on-going problems are not likely to substantially affect most visitors’ experience, which many potential travellers appear to realise already. It should be noted that:
A) the most undesirable aspect of the situation, namely the riots, which have an unfortunate tendency to dominate reports in the imagery-driven international media, are the exception and not the norm. The vast majority of demonstrations remains perfectly peaceful. In any case, even the demonstrations are limited mostly to Athens  and the other major cities, and usually to specific parts thereof. These events would not necessarily impede a visit even to Athens; and of course, most rural areas, smaller towns and islands are essentially unaffected. London saw heavy riots in 2011, and cities like Berlin or Paris experience such events regularly – should that deter us from visiting them, or cause us to avoid other parts of Britain, Germany or France?
No riots, but a lot of cats - a village lane on Chios
B) the quality of the available product and travel experience remains unchanged, as does the legendary hospitality of the Greeks – if anything, you can expect to be made even more welcome than usually.
C) A change of currency, were it to really occur (I personally do not hope so), would probably be to the foreign visitor’s direct advantage.
D) The main aspect that could impinge on most travellers this year is the potential of strikes, leading to delays, temporary suspension of certain services and occasional closures of sites or attractions. Such actions, however, usually avoid the main travel season. In any case, these problems are quite unlikely to affect package travel, while the more independent voyager can normally avoid them by maintaining a degree of flexibility that is part and parcel of independent travel. “

The Year 2012, incites each of us to think about and plan new travel experiences or even relive, past, joyful ones. With diversity in landscapes, experiences, alternative activities, gastronomy & wine and a culture starting from ancient times, to name a few, Greece offers a plethora of reasons for which one should visit.We have tried to limit ourselves to the top 10 reasons, in no particular order, for which a hopeful traveler should choose Greece as their next destination.

1. Because you’ve never been here before. Didn’t have the chance to visit Greece yet? Traveling to Greece for the first time is a life-altering experience. The unique culture and the beauty of the spectacular landscapes, alone, are enough to amaze you. Add on the rest Greece has to offer and prepare yourself for a long-lasting experience that you will remember forever.
2. Because you’ve been here before. Greece is the place where wonderful experiences never end. There is always more to explore, to discover, to see, to taste, to feel. Expand your senses in a place where the elements of nature offer countless possibilities. Can you recall the thrilling emotion of your first time here? Well, we can assure you that it never fades.
3. Because of its great climate. Perfect climate conditions allow every visitor to enjoy every season across the country. Not too hot but not too cold, Greece delivers the ideal climate that offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy memorable holidays with a wide range of activities.
4. Because it’s easy to get to (…and hard to forget). Whether by car, ship or airplane, Greece is easy to reach. So, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now and live the Greek experience.
5. Because of its natural diversity. Greece has great diversity and a range of places and landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else. Here, you will find something of everything. It’s like having a miniature world, where everything is included: from countless beautiful islands and awarded beaches, to huge snow-covered mountains, great forests and spectacular castle – cities.
6. Because of its monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. Get the chance to see, live, some of the most amazing monuments of the world, such as the Archaeological Site of Delphi or the breathtaking medieval town of Mystras, in the Peloponnese.
7. Because some things, you can only find in Greece. Tasting mastiha, made solely on the island of Chios, climbing the inimitable geological rocks of Meteora and diving in yet-to-be discovered coves, are just a few examples of what Greece has to offer. You do not want to miss the chance for such rare and special experiences.
8. Because Greece is the island empire. Greece is the land of the islands. Islands of different shapes and sizes; different personalities; different possibilities. Where some of the most beautiful beaches of the world are waiting for you. Here you will get the chance to relax body and soul, under the sun, enjoying crystal blue water and fun activities.
9. Because of the extraordinary taste of Greek cuisine. The world’s most exquisite Mediterranean flavors are before you. Food here is ten times better and healthier not only because recipes have been perfected over time, by generations of Greek families, but because Greek food is based on fresh products.
10. Because of the Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum. The meeting point of Greece’s past and future, holding the origins of Western civilization.

Map of Greece

Alonissos Island


Amorgos Island



Amorgos Aigiali Port

Anafi Island


Andros Island



Chora Andros


Antiparos Island



Chios Island


Chios Town






Folegandros Island

Chora Folegandros


Ikaria Island



Ios Island



Ithaki Island


Karpathos Island


Karpathos Port



Kavala Town

Kea Island


Kea Port

Kos Island


South East Kos Island

Agios Fokas



North East Kos Island

Kos Town





Milos Island




Milos Town





Patmos Island










Saronic Islands


Poros Island


Poros Island




Thessaloniki Town



Tinos Island


Zakynthos Island

North West Zakynthos Island




North East Zakynthos Island

Agios Dimitrios

Agios Nikolaos





South West Zakynthos Island

Agios Sostis




Limni Keriou


South East Zakynthos Island

Agios Kirikos









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