We offer complete solutions and support

for web operations, mobile application and packages
incoming tourism to all our partners.

Our workflow automation platforms place our Departments in the front line of the operational sector of all Greece.

We have established an automated system for the continuous delivery of booking messages and respective amendments to the hotels.

  • Arrival Lists
  • Departure Lists
  • Rooming Lists
  • Booking Position Lists

24/7 Presence of our personnel at the arrival points for the Arrivals and Departures.

The fully equipped buses we use for our transfers are in compliance with the latest EU standards of safety and care, along with the experienced drivers that make the last part of the journey easy and without problems.

The insurance policy of the buses we use is unlimited for all passengers, and the same applies to the taxis we use for individual transfers.

  • Automated Arrival Lists To Hotels
  • Automated Departure Lists to Hotels
  • 24/7 Call Center for departures info for all Greece
  • Automated meet and Greed at the airports
  • Online Pickup time Confirmation through Internet

The excursions department in all our destinations has designed a well-organized excursions program, offering excursions for all kinds of interests, adjusted to the particularities of every market, and in competitive rates, giving that way, the opportunity for the majority of our customers to participate and get the best out of their stay. For the reps all the paperwork they had to go through in a traditional destination agency, such as liquidation, reporting etc. is being replaced by automated procedures, affording them the means and the time to be more productive and efficient.

Our Mobile Excursion system enables our local Reps & Sellers to sell excursions on the ground to tourists by using a mobile device or via the web. All vouchers could be also printed on-the-spot using mobile printers. Online access to download sales & liquidation reports is also provided.

Our new Electronic Rep, is the client’s personal escort, once the client arrives at the airport until he/she returns back. Travelers may review their trips anytime by online accessing their reservation files. Full information regarding all booked services is available to travelers, while they are also notified about departure transfer pickup time & status

Travelers access online all relevant information about their destination anytime (i.e. descriptions, interactive maps, photos & media), including information about the hotels they are staying. A comprehensive interactive list of recommended & available places to visit, based on the traveler’s destination.

Travelers are able to search & book online extra travel services such as excursions – tours, transfers, car hire and other ancillary services. They can contact their assigned Rep in an instant by phone, email, social media, skype, etc

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